One-on-One with 2012 London Olympic beach volleball bronze medalist Mārtiņš Pļaviņš (Latvia)

Hi Dreamers, I know it's been a WHILE since I posted last, sorry I have been MIA on blogging (if you have been following on "A Basketball Dream - It's More Than A Game" facebook page, then you would be updated)

To kick up a series of posts (I promise I won't disappear for so long again from now on), I caught up with the bronze medalist, Mārtiņš Pļaviņš of the beach volleyball discipline at the 2012 London Olympics (yes, I love this game too! Beach, sun, sports, my question to all is: How could you NOT love it?) and threw him a few questions and below is what he came back with. A HUGE shout out to Mārtiņš for his time and inspiration! (And wish you a speedy recovery!!)

// To start you off, here are the questions that were being asked to Mārtiņš:
1. Introduction of yourself
2. How did you get into this game?
3. How long have you been playing this game and what was your toughest challenge you had during your career?
4. Speaking about discipline, do you think your sport take a lot of discipline to be the best in the world at? (Can you give a concrete example to show how much discipline it takes, your personal example)
5. What do you plan to do after you finish playing this game professionally? And what do you think would be the best lesson (takeaway) from this game that would help you in the future? (After-sport life)//

And here's what he said,...(in his own words, SPECIALLY for the Dreamers on A Basketball Dream)


I'm Martins Plavins - Olympic bronze medalist in beach volleyball in 2012.
I spent a lot of time with my friends and one day volleyball coach came to our school and invited for practice in volleyball. And we all did! And then I liked this sport a lot...
I have been playing volleyball for 16 years. At the beginning I did it only for fun and because I liked it a lot but after I won U-20 European championship in beach volleyball I understood that I can achieve more. And after every year I have some challenges to beat. But toughest was to get an Olympic medal.
Discipline? I don't have such one...It is my decision to have a healthy life (without smoking and drinking etc). The most important is to realize why do you do that and when you will understand that healthy life helps you to reach your goals you will be a winner not only in sport but also in life all.
I don't want to think right now what will I do after my career because I can play (and I want) 10 more years  but the best lesson would be - it does't matter what you do, just do what you like and do it for 100%..." 

On behalf of all the Dreamers reading this post, I wanna say, THANK YOU, once again Martins. :)

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