One-on-one with Taiwan National Basketball Team member: Doug Creighton

Hi Dreamers! I promised you that I won't be gone MIA again for that long and here I am once again, AND have another interview installed for you.

As you might know (hopefully you do know and are following the exciting actions) that the 2013 FIBA Asia Championship is happening right now (in fact, TONIGHT is the Finals and consolation game) in the Philippines, and the TOP 3 teams gets to qualify for the 2014 FIBA World Cup to be held next September in Spain! Local team Philippines (the Smart Gilas) and Iran have already qualified and won their tickets to #Spain2014 and will play it out for the champion of Asia later tonight. However, Taiwan (you might know it as Chinese Taipei), my home team, has yet to make history and beat Korea to get to Spain...that said, I caught up with one of our guys on the team and here's what he has to say...(I did ask for a photo to make it more interesting for you, however, the funny and cartoonish photo Doug sent us of him and Quincy, another member of our National Team was a bit, in my opinion, too revealing for the young Dreamers, thus no photo in this post as of now...but hey, a video might be installed for the next interview, as Doug might have promised) Just want to give Doug a quick shout out to say Thank You (謝謝) for your time and again, know that, WE ARE BEHIND YOU! YOU (WE) GOT THIS! MAKE HISTORY TAIWAN! :)

T/O I: Brief intro of yourself.
(In his own words)

Hello Dreamers, my name is Doug Creighton from the Chinese Taipei national team. I am currently playing professionally in Taiwan and have been for the last six years. I love my job! Nothing better than having your dream job.

T/O II: Talk about the game you just went through (last night against Iran) and the journey to the 2013 FIBA Asia Championship.

We are currently playing in the FIBA Asian Championships and are having one of the best tournaments in our teams history. We started the tournament with five straight wins(a record for Chinese Taipei). And just a couple days ago we upset China for the first time in 38 years. Arguably the biggest win in our team history. Unfortunately, we lost to a very good Iranian team last night but still have a chance to go to Spain if we can Korea.

T/O III: What is your personal attachment to Taiwan and the Taiwan National Team?

Playing for the Taiwanese national team is a great honor. It is always great to play for something bigger than yourself. It makes you proud to put on the jersey and have a whole country behind you cheering you on. It makes me proud to call myself a member of the Chinese Taipei National Team.

T/O IV: How bad do you and the guys want to go to Spain? (As a team and for you personally)

It would be unbelievable if we could go to Spain. We really do believe this is our year to make it happen and we all have faith. Playing as well as we are and our confidence riding high, don't be surprised when we beat Korea and book our tickets to Spain. I would personally love to go back to Spain. The people and atmosphere in Spain is unbelievable. They are very passionate people and I couldn't imagine playing there.

T/O V: Any last words to A Basketball Dreamers?

I just want to let all you Dreamers out there to be on the lookout for Chinese Taipei. We're ready for change and it's gonna start tonight by beating Korea. We'll see all you Dreamers in Spain. Adios!!!

From A (Taiwanese) Basketball Girl With A Basketball Dream - Here's to CHANGE! And I will see YOU ALL in Spain! 
Are you with us, Dreamers? :) 


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